Unleash the Beast.

With the Beast’s unstoppable traction, roll-over-anything float, and light, agile handling, you’ll rip up, down and over everything from the roots and rocks of the east to the sandy washes of the west.


  • Get A Grip.

    Wide rims and burly 3.0” wide 27.5+ tires deliver incredible float and traction for an unbeatable combination of speed and control.

  • Short Stays, Sweet Performance.

    Super short chainstays for awesomely nimble handling. Tons of clearance for full 3.0 tires.  All thanks to the magic of our Ai offset drivetrain.

  • Stiffer, Stronger Rear Wheel

    142x12 rear hubs with Ai's symmetrical spoke angles and tension give the Beast's rear wheel wicked stiffness and strength.

  • Sweet Steering

    OutFront Steering Geometry is perfect for 27+. Slack stability lets you hang it out on the descents, while the Lefty's long fork offset keeps the steering quick and light at slow speeds.

  • Ultra Light. Extra Strong.

    SmartForm C1 Alloy construction gives you unmatched strength, stiffness and power transfer combined with incredibly light weight.

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