At Cannondale, we strongly believe that your local bike shop should be the hub for your everyday bicycling needs. Your local authorized Cannondale retailer should be able to provide the following services for you and your bicycle:

  • Pre-purchase advice on bicycle selection, fit, and features
  • Test rides of common models and sizes
  • Special-order capability
  • Expert initial assembly and tune-up
  • Regular maintenance and repair
  • Warranty claim submissions
  • Common replacement parts (tires & tubes, brake pads, etc.)
  • Upgrade parts advice, ordering, and installation
  • Local bicycle route information
  • Community development and support (group rides, local race support, etc.)

Your local bike shop should be able to answer most questions about your bike – often more quickly than we can here at headquarters! 

For all these reasons, we suggest you visit your local bike shop before contacting us at Cannondale directly. You’ll receive great service and support your local bicycle community at the same time!

Link: Local Authorized Cannondale Retailers

You can view our full set of FAQs here or if you still need to contact us directly you can call us at 1-800-BIKE-USA or click here to send us an email!

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