Cujo 24

Dankzij de geweldige grip en het comfortabele rijgedrag van de brede banden en zijn verbazingwekkend lage gewicht, wordt trailrijden met dit strijdwapen een uiterst plezierige bezigheid.

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    Handlebars, grips, brake levers, saddles and cranks are designed specifically for little cyclists.


    Lower-range gear ratios reduce the effort needed to start pedaling, minimize the pressure of climbing hills, and make it easier to guide for parents who are tagging along for the ride.

  • Beautiful aluminum frames

    Cannondale's unparalleled expertise with aluminum comes together in ultra-light frames that are durable, beautiful, and a joy to ride.

  • A lighter ride

    When it comes to bikes, light is best, especially when kids are involved. Lightweight alloy bars, stems, and seatposts complement our expertly crafted aluminum frames, while high-quality tires and cassette freehubs mean that young riders can enjoy every possible advantage over gravity.


    All our kids' bikes are crafted with a kid-friendly distance between the pedals, making riding more intuitive and enjoyable.


    The correct riding position is key for comfort and control, and Cannondale keeps that in mind when designing its kids' range. The Kid-Correct fit boasts narrow-stance cranks and an easily-reached bar positioning, while specially sized handlebars, grips, brake levers, and saddles ensure that smaller riders can hit the road with ease.

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