Synapse Carbon Flat Bar

Synapse speed and upright comfort make this the ultimate high-performance fitness machine.


  • Light and Racy

    Ultra-light and seriously fast, thanks to its full carbon frame and fork, and high-performance components.

  • Connected Comfort

    Micro-Suspension in the frame, fork and seatpost keeps you protected from shocks and vibration yet connected to the feel of the ride.

  • Maximum Control

    Hydraulic disc brakes offer better modulation and better power for complete braking control in all conditions.

  • Proportional Response Design

    Proportional Response Design ensures that every rider, regardless of size, enjoys the same ride-feel and handling. Each size gets its own custom carbon layup, tube dimensions and geometry. We even use two different steerer diameters and fork rakes through the size run for a truly tailored feel.

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